Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Is Women Vergina Look Like When The Doctor Has To Look In A Women's Vergina Does It Hurt When He Does It?

When the doctor has to look in a women's vergina does it hurt when he does it? - how is women vergina look like

I just want to know, because I'm afraid to go.


  1. If you are relaxed, not hurt him. Just a little pressure. When muscles are tight, it hurts.

  2. her vagina and called for the Pap test is a test. I've heard so little can be a little uncomfortable, but thought it would be too painful.

  3. LOL,,,, Virgin Vergina
    Vagina is actually written, but should not hurt much, but if you psyche as it is difficult for you to relax.
    Most are uncomfortable but not painful, as a rule and if you have to say.
    Hope this helps a little
    Do not panic.

    Good luck!

  4. Not when you are relaxed and having a medical "patient" (not everyone is a title and is licensed to medicine) with real patients in the practice. It may be uncomfortable (and embarrassing), but should not hurt. If you say to your doctor.

  5. No shame, pain, mild